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Crowded with God


(moon over our neighborhood last week)

“We may ignore, but we can nowhere evade, the presence of God.  The world is crowded

with him.  He walks everywhere incognito.  And the incognito is not always hard to

penetrate.  The real labour is to remember, to attend.  In fact, to come awake.  Still more,

to remain awake.”

C.S. Lewis in Letters to Malcolm, Chiefly on Prayer

Moon Songs


(picture taken in my neighborhood in Nanuet, New York)

torch lake moon

(picture taken by Jane Cronkite at Torch Lake in Michigan)


Moon Meditation

Milk white orb serene,

sculpted from primeval night by

Word that gave you light and life,

light now our deepest dark,

brighten all our paths of pain,

help us discern our

secret paths that often

lead to space too dark to name, and

halo our best selves.


Moon Haiku

These verses probably wouldn’t qualify as “true” or “pure” haiku to those who know this ancient form well, but at least their structure is haiku, and my friend Jane Cronkite (my haiku mentor) and I had some fun writing them.


Huge round moon floats up.

Shimmering ripples in lake

Wash darkness away.



Bright moon rises full.

Dark trees circle deep blue sky.

White light surrounds me.



Round white moon appears,

Trees, birds, insects make no sound,

My breath is silent.



Pearly, wispy clouds

Drift across a bright full moon.

Shadows fade away.



White and round: the moon.

On my stick: a marshmallow.

Which one do I taste?



Jeweled bright full moon,  

Softly veiled in mist of cloud,

Hushes, calms my world.