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Packing Up Christmas



I pack it all away,

the lights, the ornaments;

the stress, the crèche, the candles—

tuck it all in boxes crammed with

memories—some merry, others

not so very; make room once more for

ordinary days of all that is to come,

waiting now beneath the frozen ground.


The carols, push and stuff them as I may,

refuse the box; insistent grace notes

dangle in the turning year, echo in the

empty crevices of life, hum through days

icicled with worries, pain, or simply green

with far too much–too much of everything

that clings and freezes up our souls.


“God with us,” the carols sing across

our smiles, our salty tears; “God with us”

through all the year until December

reappears to hang our Christmas lights on

hopeful trees to sing yet once again

that promise old but ever new:

God tucked away in a manger,

of all places, to laugh and dance and

weep with us through greens and

yellows of the year, in the bleak

midwinter days, through all the noisy

bluster of our lives; star of wonder

in all our silent nights; our

silent nights holy, our

silent nights not.


Spidery Grace

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA(I took this picture a few years ago, sitting on my daughter’s porch in blue-sky California)


Persistent little pest! She lurks each morning, sure to

snare me in her sticky web as I go out to fetch my

morning paper.  I scowl and swipe away the gluey

threads, but have to swipe and swipe again; I

scowl some more, and yes, feel touch of

sadness for the damage I have done, but not too much;  

a thought attaches sticky to my brain, and spiraling out,

upends my scowl to silent inner smile:


perhaps this is the way of grace–obscure, persistent,

still, she hides in nooks and crannies to catch me unaware and

spread her sticky softness through my ordinary days;

spins endlessly a lacy web around and through my

life, to cling to hands, to face, to soul;

weaves patterns that will shimmer in the suns of life and

still hold firm when winds and rains pour down. 


I’m not much fond of spiders; but I do welcome

grace to spin across my days and

tiptoe ever through my life on tiny spider feet.