Lest We Forget-5; A Monthly Reminder

(A father cradles his dead child after a bombing raid in Aleppo in 2016)

his arms full of emptiness,

his mind blank,

his heart shredded

in a thousand pieces

mirroring the rubble

of his shattered life

          Let’s not let ourselves forget the horrors that so many refugees experience.  Aleppo.  With all the terrorist attacks around the world, Aleppo now seems so long ago and far away.  But the ruins of Aleppo remain, reminding us of the 4 years of horror and devastation endured by the citizens of this ancient city.  It is estimated that 31,000 people were killed during the years of fighting, until Aleppo finally fell to Syrian government forces, aided by the Russians, in December, 2016.  Thousands more citizens of Aleppo became refugees in search of a new home, a new life.

          Let’s remember to pray for these refugees.  Remember to encourage our government to be responsive to the needs of these desperate people.  Remember to share some of what you have with those in need.  Here again are some agencies through which you can offer help:

               Church World Service     cwsglobal.org/our-work/refugees-and-immigrants/

               International Rescue Committee     https://www.rescue.org/

6 thoughts on “Lest We Forget-5; A Monthly Reminder

  1. Thank you for the timely reminder. Here in the Capital area of Upstate New York, refugees and immigrants are being rounded up in ICE raids. Some cities are calling themselves “sanctuary” cities and some churches are offering rest and respite sanctuary, no questions asked, no remuneration requested.

  2. Good to hear about the efforts being made to help. Thanks for passing this along. Read about one high schooler in Upstate New York who was rounded up on the night of his prom. So sad about these ICE raids!

  3. How did I overlook this? No, how COULD I overlook this. I’ve seen so many images coming out of Aleppo, but never this one. Your spare poetic sentiments honor this heart-breaking image, allowing it to speak mostly for itself.

    Why are there Aleppos? Where is God? I know God is there, but it’s time for God to rise up from this rubble. Enough is enough.

    Thanks for this reminder.

  4. Sharonimo, I agree completely. Enough is enough. Where is God in all of this?! Your cry, my cry, the cry of all of our hearts rings down through the ages! Maybe God is in our very cries and in all the tiny ways we try to reach out? The question is an ancient one and will undoubtedly haunt us until the end of time. So we go on without the answers, trusting somehow in this often invisible God whom we sense and know is somehow “there.”

  5. Thank you, as always, for your wisdom, Carol.

    I am up early to see the results of the 6th District Congressional election in Georgia . . . and am AGAIN asking, Where is God? What is God’s answer to our current President who is reducing our country’s democracy to rubble?

  6. Interestingly, ironically, before I read your response this morning, I had been reading Psalm 94 and Habakkuk 2. The authors of both had the same question–“God, where are you?” They cry out their despair/our despair, and yet in the midst of that, they dare to whisper their hope and their faith. Hope you’ll have the chance to read these two passages today and hope they will give all of us the courage to continue to cry out our complaints, as well as the courage of faith of these OT writers to sense and hear God in the seeming silence.

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