This Little Light of Mine

 “This little light of mine,

I’m gonna let it shine;”

my husband hums the familiar

tune as I sip my morning tea; later

he will sing with the church choir

this syncopated psalm of thanks

for little lights that bravely shine

in all the darkness encroaching

on our deeply troubled world.

I will not hear that joyful sound, but…


outside my window, a little

light shines quietly for me, a floral

candle of delicate, shimmering filaments,

lacy whiteness whispering its quiet radiance;

so unlike the neons of our gaudy

world of celebrities and ego tweets,

so unlike bright chandeliers

aglow with pomp and pride that

only shadow deeds of darkness.


Bless you, little light; shine on

in your wee corner of this vast

and anxious world; few will see

your radiant smile, but those who do

will quiet sing a psalm of thanks; will even

shine, perhaps, a little brighter themselves.

6 thoughts on “This Little Light of Mine

  1. Oh – thank you friend …was in tears at the end – so beautifully written and depth of meaning…..and, I got it through my e-mail so obviously still on your list!!! Best to you this day!!

  2. STOP!!!!!!!!!!! Now I’m getting just plain jealous.

    What a wonder of a poem. There is light in every line of this journey.

    We start with the humming of your husband (there’s that assonance again) of a song about his little light that he will share with a church choir that you will not hear. (I heard your sadness, by the way.) But you do hear SOMEthing, don’t you? Because we journey on to “shimmering filaments,” “whiteness whispering” of a floral candle that trumps the alternative light of chandeliers on the other side of the world where deeds of darkness retreat to avoid the light of truth.

    Thank you for this little light of yours. After reading it, I know I won’t blithely pass my rhododendron blooms without bending to them and singing my own psalm of thanks. Those blooms are now as big as my face. How they shine! And how I shine a little brighter in their reflection.

  3. Sharonimo, my shining friend! I know you don’t always see that shining in your life, but I hope you are at least somewhat aware of how many others do see and cherish the brightness you bring to their lives. You shine so brightly in mine, and yes, your shining does “trump” some of the darkness we all feel in our world these days. And you jealous?! Of something I write?! No way. You are a wonder of a writer, and your writing has always shone and will continue to shine and light the way for others who struggle with some of the life issues with which you have struggled. I sing a psalm of thanks for you!

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