Lest We Forget-3

          As we approach Holy Week and then Easter, it might be a good time to remember gratefully not only all that Jesus accomplished for us, but also to remember that Jesus came for us, lived for us, died for us, rose again for us—all because “God so loved the world.” 

          Our government is talking of cutting the State Department budget and cutting aid to millions of people living in the midst of poverty and violence, with many, especially in South Sudan, now facing starvation.  At the same time, our government talks of spending more to build up our military in order to keep America Safe and First.

          But I wonder.  Will we really be stronger and safer in our world if we have an ever-stronger military?  Or will we be stronger and safer if we reach out to help other peoples in need, letting them know that America cares about their plight?

          Once again, I am posting a monthly picture to remind us of the needs of people around the world.  I hope as we look at this picture, we will hear God’s reminder that “God so loved the world” and will do what we can to urge our government not to neglect these needy people.


child in South Sudan

(picture from the BBC)

7 thoughts on “Lest We Forget-3

  1. Several thoughts in response to this post. I’m currently reading a book entitled, How Everything Became War and the Military Became Everything. One thing that it points out is that the military has been taking over more and more duties that used to be assigned to the State Department including development aid and the creation of effective institutions of civil government. The military has a budget of about $500 billion while the State Department has less than 1/10th of that. The United States military budget constitutes 40% of all defense spending in the world and we spend more than the next 16 highest nations combined.

    Interestingly the military does not consider terrorism or even increased militarism from Russian and China as the biggest threat to US security. Rather they see climate change as our biggest problem because it will increase starvation and lead to massive displacement of people and the attendant problems.

    These are precisely the problems that the Paris Climate Accords seek to address and that the State Department and foreign aid are best equipped to address, yet these are precisely the policies and institutions that Trump is trashing. Donald Trump said that he wanted our allies to pick up their fair share of defense costs. However, if that were the case, presumably we should be able to cut our own considerable military spending, but instead he intends to increase it substantially! Makes me shake my head.

    By the way this is an excellent book that sheds light on a whole raft of issues, including the use of drones, and how our policies are undermining the rule of international law in so many ways. It is written by a woman who has spent much of her time working to promote the international rule of law who worked several years working in the Department of Defense and who is married to Army Colonel so her training, experience and personal life all bring significant perspectives to all the issues involved. She is sympathetic to the military but she also can point out trends and issues that present huge problems. I highly recommend the book. It is both enlightening, frightening, exasperating and frustrating all at the same time.

  2. Thanks, Mike, for the recommendation of what sounds like an excellent read. Amazing that our military see climate change as our biggest problem. Hope that maybe our President will listen to them! Or read this book, even though it may be enlightening, frightening, exasperating, and frustrating all at the same time. Love this description and will have to keep this book in mind for reading at some point.

  3. Thank you for the reminder friend – oh – such goings on in the world. Appreciated Mike’s comments as I had also read/heard that climate change is the military’s greatest fear – amazing that our ‘leader’ pays no attention – more later – hope to talk with you this weekend! Also will check out the book Mike recommended –

    best, mh

  4. I, too, very much appreciate Mike’s comments/insights. Makes me feel less alone. Carol — these images continue to be heart-wrenching and gut-punching. Keep posting them.

  5. I think we do all feel so alone and so helpless in the face of such grave crises in our world and in our nation’s capitol, and it is so good to be able to connect with each other. I know my phone conversations with you always make me feel heartened, in spite of the fact that they also make me feel very depressed about our un-brave new world.

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