Black Beauty


So noiselessly he came,

this blue-black swallowtail, to sip

lantana on my deck, his stillness

echoing for me the tender silence

of eternity amidst the noise of inner

fears, against the din of ugly tweets,

of cries to build a wall, to slam our doors

against the tide of people orphaned

from their homes, their loved ones, tossed

into the chaos of a coarse and raucous world.


His soundless beauty whispers me

a blue-black grace that flutters silent

in the anxious corners of my mind;

his quiet presence reassures;

grace wings its way into our lives,

at times so unexpectedly.

3 thoughts on “Black Beauty

  1. How did I miss this lovely poem? So sorry to be reading it now. First, I love how the title captures both the darkness of ugly tweets and walls and the soundless grace of the blue-black swallowtail. Other contrasts work as well: “tender silence of eternity”/”noise of inner fears”; the impossibility of shutting out orphaned people who are so easily tossed here and there . . . even over a walls (I’m thinking of the horror of Haiti at the moment).

    The butterfly is a symbol for the takeaway of most of your poems: unexpected grace. Keep channeling it.

  2. Thank you, Friend. Been a couple of difficult weeks here, but grateful for some unexpected moments of grace. Speaking of which, your friendship has certainly winged much grace into my life!

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