Floral Haiku


003 - Copy (2)

rainbow promises

shimmering in vibrant hues

burst of summer joy




purpled majesties

spilling out their speckled bliss

endless festival



002 - Copy

flaming blossom bright

glowing under summer skies

icon of our sun

6 thoughts on “Floral Haiku

  1. The simple beauty expressed in these haikus capture the simple beauty of these flowers. Thank you. I am particularly fond of seeing a foxglove as an “endless festival.”

  2. The beauty of these flowers has been a joy to me this summer. The lantana is growing on my deck (the gift of a friend), the pansy I discovered outside my doctor’s office, and the foxglove was seen by my daughter on her bike trek through Oregon and Washington.

  3. Thank you friend – especially like the ‘icon of our sun’ – a bright spot on a rainy day here! Which will probably be coming your way in a day or so!!! Thanks – and hope all is well!

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