Requiem for Two Oak Trees

001 - Copy

stumps of two oak trees beside our yard


Earth to earth and dust to dust; I bless them for

their carpeting of summer skies; bless them for their solemn

sighing through our lives; bless them for their quiet

presence, gentle strength.


Ancient of years, rings circling round

and round, whispered tales of winter’s

ice, of lonely hearts that sometimes leaned

against their strength; rock-hard solid,

tough and sure, even as terror, wars and hi-tech

revolutions rocked our world, churning

and spinning our lives this way and that;

the oaks ever unmoved.  Unmoved until

a growing weakness in the agѐd marrow

of their bones; until the trumpeting of stormy

winds threatened a fall like that of Jericho;

so branch, alas, by leafy branch, saws

whirring in the summer heat, they now

are shriveled to mere stumps.

Farewell, dear friends.


Life will move on, I know, new circles rise,

as acorns burrow deep to rough it out beneath

the stars, the sleet, the wind; life renewing,

life insistent, life relentlessly determined

always to begin again; but you forever gone;

your stumps a portrait of the mystery of life.


6 thoughts on “Requiem for Two Oak Trees

  1. “life relentlessly determined

    always to begin again; but you forever gone;

    your stumps a portrait of the mystery of life.”

    I love to see someone derive real meaning from the simple things around them. This piece is tender and decent, while respectful of the mysteries of life. Thank you for posting it…take pride in knowing your work pleased someone today and made them think. You earned a follower 🙂

  2. Thank you for your comment. I was quite surprised to discover how very saddened I was to watch these trees cut down, their strength and wisdom chopped to bits so swiftly. I am grateful for their presence in my life, and grateful for their final stump-words reminding me that life’s mystery will always lie just beyond my grasp.

  3. Thank you friend for your thoughtful writing to engaged in nature…and so often take for granted until it is gone……and realize what it has done for us and how it still speaks to us today….Blessings!

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