Without Celebrity


for Ione, a friend whose work behind the scenes enriches so many of us

Hidden under tender leaves, she

humble glows her quiet life, unseen

almost by passers-by; out-dazzled

by the showier blooms that thrust

their petals high into the summer

wind; but sun winks through the

leaves, smiling warm to nourish,

to affirm her unassuming ways;

to say “well done,” to kiss a life

obscure but so essential to the

beauty of the All.



6 thoughts on “Without Celebrity

  1. Lovely. Thanks to you, I don’t pass flowers without feeling grateful — animals, too.

    This morning, while walking out of my home to begin my daily walk, I heard a branch crack and saw something fall straight into a neighbor’s dense shrub that she had surrounded with a two-foot cage. I heard thrashing, but couldn’t see anything. I walked over and saw a small squirrel — not exactly winking through the leaves — struggling to get out. I parted the branches to make an opening and after several attempts, the little critter climbed and then — seriously — FLEW out. It was so scared, but now free. It scrambled to the top of the tree from which it must have fallen minutes earlier. I was grateful that I — a passer-by — had noticed — like you notice whenever I struggle in the cage of depression. Thank you.

  2. I have the privilege of knowing Ione, too, and second the motion with enthusiasm and gratitude. Seconding a motion is about as prosy a thing as one can do. I’m glad Carol is a poet.

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