Daily Prayer for Those of Us Who Live with Chronic Illness/Disabilities

praying hands

“Live the questions,” urges Rilke.

Let me live my questions, and

Let me live my weakness, too.

Let me find my value, not so much in doing, but rather simply in deeply being.

Let me be attentive to my body’s needs and not dismiss them as annoying and disruptive of my hopes and dreams to see my name writ large and so prove my worthiness.

Let me soak up healing rest and shun my restlessness.

Let me listen in and listen to the sometimes awful stillness that can settle over my life.

Let me nurture openness to the One who sits and stands beside me in the often hushedness of my days.

No easy task. Sometimes painful. Always hard.

But it is Real, and it is my Reality.

So let me live it. Fully. Honestly. And thankfully.

Yes, thankfully. Hands joined with friends who help to ease the sometimes endless hours. With all who share my lot of chronic illness/disability.


4 thoughts on “Daily Prayer for Those of Us Who Live with Chronic Illness/Disabilities

  1. Now it reads like a prayer from scripture. Deep bow. I think these words should be distributed to anyone struggling with any chronic illness/disability . . . and I plan to do just that.

  2. Carol: Feel yourself hugged – what a welcome prayer. I am thanking God for your gift of extra sensitive expression. For sure there is much work for patience to be done in the accepting of our unanswered questions: for the answer is not for today, but “afterward.” Wait, O soul, and let patience have her perfect work. Meanwhile we hold on to God’s promises that all things work together for good to them that love him. He does seem to have his best things last, doesn’t he!

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