Swimming in the Sky

blue sky


I’d like to dive into the sky today,

immerse myself in ocean blue,

icy cold to waken every fiber, every

cell to feel the vastness of this ether

soft and intimate across my cheeks, yet

always just beyond my reach; perhaps I’d

swim far, far away, observe how others

search the sky to read the import of their lives;

hear the rhymes in which they understand their

skyward faith; watch them dance celestial

rhythms of earthly grief and bliss;

perhaps some there would swim with me

into this endless wonder of the sky; together we

might touch the smile of God; together kneel

before the magnitude of Love whose sky-blue

hands cradle each fragile life that weaves its way

though mists of earth, through shafts of sky-born

light, trying ever to discern the import of the

fleeting outlines of our days.

6 thoughts on “Swimming in the Sky

  1. . . . “the fleeting outline of our days” . . . . This may be my favorite of all the poems you’ve shared and I love so many of them. The rhythm is spot on for swimming and floating. I caught the poignancy, too, that our days, like the clouds, are evanescent. I’m diving into the sky with you.

    I hope you are flattered that the soft and rhythmic pace of your poem reminded me of Maxine Kumin’s, “Morning Swim”:

    Into my empty head there come
    a cotton beach, a dock wherefrom

    I set out, oily and nude
    through mist, in chilly solitude.

    There was no line, no roof or floor
    to tell the water from the air.

    Night fog thick as terry cloth
    closed me in its fuzzy growth.

    I hung my bathrobe on two pegs.
    I took the lake between my legs.

    Invaded and invader, I
    went overhand on that flat sky.

    Fish twitched beneath me, quick and tame.
    In their green zone they sang my name

    and in the rhythm of the swim
    I hummed a two-four-time slow hymn.

    I hummed “Abide With Me.” The beat
    rose in the fine thrash of my feet,

    rose in the bubbles I put out
    slantwise, trailing through my mouth.

    My bones drank water; water fell
    through all my doors. I was the well

    that fed the lake that met my sea
    in which I sang “Abide With Me.”

    Thank you for your poem and always, for abiding with me.

  2. one of my favorite day dreaming activities is to view the heavens for clouds that look like earthly creatures or heavenly hosts. As I age my imagination seems to be more focused on the abstract.

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