Lilies for Our Mad, Mad World

S-lilies(picture taken by my friend Sigrid Brooks, in her garden)

Carol Myers' lilies - Copy(picture taken by my friend Carol Myers-Lessa, in her garden)

They’ll never build tall towers,

twin or otherwise; never erect

a monument to tell the

world the import of their

lives; never patch a quilt of

memories to warm the future’s

cold; never pen a verse of

rhyme to laud their loveliness.


They simply “are,” stars of

stillness glowing in our lives,

radiant against the mud and

weeds of brutal war and hatred

spread across the grasses and the

flowered peoples of our world, from

Gaza to Ukraine, our southern

border to the deserts of Iraq.

Never toiling, never spinning,

serenely shine their pastel joy; and

when their life is spent, they

quiet fade into the ground, their

destiny majestically fulfilled.


Carol Myers' lilies - Copy

I’d like to send a lily prayer to

all who paint our world in black,

scarring lives and landscapes in their

carelessness and greed; perhaps they’d

hush their frenzied work, breathe

deep the pungent scent; listen close to

flowers that so gently sing what

living life is really all about.

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