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“We can…rest assured that no prayer is lost and that when we pray we are drawn into a vortex of power that is utterly unpredictable and the most secure place on earth.”

Marilyn Chandler McEntyre, “Power Line,” The Christian Century, September 9, 2008


4 thoughts on “Prayer

  1. Hi Carol! So very true no prayer is lost… and the image of being drawn into that cyclone of utterly unpredictable power is mind-boggling; how very comforting to know that God is in Control. I confess though, I have the desire/expectation that God give me a greater confidence in His inner working in the people and in His unseen but powerful presence in my every situation. Just as I am writing this message to you, my eyes fell on a little Post-it on my desk that held these words: learning to lean on Jesus, finding more power than I have ever known, learning to lean on Jesus. I think I got my answer .

  2. My local Pastor and his wife are leading a weekly (Tues) gathering/class on prayer. I forwarded your post to him and our associate (AIM) for use in Tues. evening.

    • I am so grateful for McEntyre’s powerful words. Hope we can all experience both the utterly unpredictable power of God in our lives, and also feel that deep sense of restful security!

  3. I, too, share your desire/expectation to have a greater confidence in God’s “inner working”–in me and in the people I hold close in prayer. God help us both, God help all of us, to learn that skill of “leaning!”

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