Misty Morning Lament

misty morning

I wake to dampness

dripping from the eaves;

dank shadows lurk in

trees and creep across my

bed; my limbs hang limp, the

moisture seeping into bones;

my eyes are filled with gray as

far as they can see—not very

far; my world is almost gone.

A siren slices through the rain that

beats hard on my window, shouting

wet disdain for all our loneliness and pain.

Are we still here?  Have we, too,

vanished in this soggy mist?  The siren

moans again, its wail an echo of the

ancient cry, “O God, hide not your face from me.” 

O God, hide not your face;

shower our dark, O God, with your light,

reminding us that we are here;

reminding us that so are you.

2 thoughts on “Misty Morning Lament

  1. Although I to awake on some days to dampness, mist and gloom or other weather conditions, I have learned to find that bright ray of sunshine that I know is out there. Dawn is trying to recover from a broken and dislocated wrist and me from my annual bronchial infection. However, through all of the associated issues we have found that ray of sunshine everyday. Just enough sunshine to brighten the day. Our ongoing faith has all to do with that positive outlook. Wishing God;s Blessings.

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