Spidery Grace

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA(I took this picture a few years ago, sitting on my daughter’s porch in blue-sky California)


Persistent little pest! She lurks each morning, sure to

snare me in her sticky web as I go out to fetch my

morning paper.  I scowl and swipe away the gluey

threads, but have to swipe and swipe again; I

scowl some more, and yes, feel touch of

sadness for the damage I have done, but not too much;  

a thought attaches sticky to my brain, and spiraling out,

upends my scowl to silent inner smile:


perhaps this is the way of grace–obscure, persistent,

still, she hides in nooks and crannies to catch me unaware and

spread her sticky softness through my ordinary days;

spins endlessly a lacy web around and through my

life, to cling to hands, to face, to soul;

weaves patterns that will shimmer in the suns of life and

still hold firm when winds and rains pour down. 


I’m not much fond of spiders; but I do welcome

grace to spin across my days and

tiptoe ever through my life on tiny spider feet.


2 thoughts on “Spidery Grace

  1. Carol, thank you for wonderful poem. Spiders are a big topic of discussion in our family. Ken was afraid of them from his childhood in CA, but in Turkey they are called “guests.” This softened him a little. Now he seeks them out, and I am drawn in as well. Just yesterday Zelda found a spider in web. Ken and she got a picture of it – a much smaller specimen than yours! Thanks again. J Sent from my iPhone

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