To Reach the Stars

I watched them through the early winter cold,

playfully young, straight, proud, and

stretching through the snow and clouds to

touch the stars and shine their joy of

tender life with all those points of light

that smiled down on them each frigid night.

I watched as, of a sudden, arctic winds

snarled across their fragile youth,

weighting them down and down and

down with ghost-white snow, until so stooped and

aged beyond their tender years, they

fingered only dark, ice-crusted earth instead of lustrous stars.

I watch them now, still sadly bent,

their summer dance of green a meager,

muted, hobbled waltz.

I grieved for them in winter; and from my own

misshapen life, I grieve with them still now.  But

sometimes, of a soft and windless summer night,

I think I hear them whisper, to each other and to me,

telling of a someday tender Wind that promises to

straighten all our bentness, and bring again the

stars within our reach.

6 thoughts on “To Reach the Stars

  1. Oh, you are so going deeper and more mysterious. I like this a lot. Heather used to say “mystery, yes; confusion , no. I love hearing the voice I know in all your writing. But it does make me sad to hear so much grief and longing.

    We are at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island for a couPle of days to celebrate 45 yrs.


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  2. Carol, this is so beautiful- and we can see the analogy in it- not just trees, but people too!   Your work is super!


  3. Appreciate all your positive comments. Thanks. Over the past few years, I’ve come to deeply appreciate and respect the trees in our backyard. They’ve become friends, and I’m grateful for their silent benediction in my life.

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