I love visiting her garden.

Shimmering rainbows of iris arc across

her lawn; all so delicate; all so

vibrant, so alive.  Robust

fragility, stalwart proud atop their

spiky stems.  Three lower petals bend

softly towards earth, gentle tongues that

speak a thousand languages and

voice majestic words to name

Creation Love through aeons of

time that brought them to this

moment of their shining.

Three upper petals fold gently inward,

silent touching, holy stillness,

trinity caress embracing mystery

eternally profound.

And all the colors: pink and purple,

yellow and white, blue and dusky orange;

radiant array, mirroring all the

hues and bright diversity

tucked around our tiny planet as it

skips its way through murky space.

I love visiting her garden; no magical

pot of gold at the end of her rainbows, but

something far more precious—quiet

gaze into the Source of every color, every

tenderness, every delicate strength in

every garden, in every life.


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